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Found the game and played it. I still refuse to delete it from my laptop, it is an absolute work of art, I can't forget this XD

I am in desperate need of finding the remaining Achievements.... This is HIGHLY UNLIKELY, but if ANYONE sees this, any time at all, Idc, could be in ten years...

Please tell me how to get the "Meet the demon", "Good ending" and "night saved" achievements.

Hey we're glad you love it!

To get the "Meet the Demon" achievement, you'll find a secret ending by messing up with everyone you meet.

For "Night Saved", you can't get a single Surigram EXCEPT for Charlie's.

As for the "Good Ending" it's very specific:

Get Elliot's Surigram

Mess up with Bjork

Piss off Nulva

Get Joan's Surigram

Mess up with Sydney, Tobias, and Bernat

And lastly, get Charlie's Surigram.

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Oh, thank you so so much!!! It's an unexpected but very pleasant surprise that I was responded to.

edit: Yep, I usually respond in around 10 days, just now realise that might have come off as rude, I'm sorry.

On another note, I FINALLY COMPLETED THE WHOLE GAME, WOOOOO, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!! The sadistic nature of the game, with it not having any saves or rollback, definitely made me hate my life a few times, but that's probably part of why this whole thing felt like I had to complete it XD


I. Love. This. Game. Please make a new one, but with maybe characters from Valorant ( by: Riot Game 2008). Now that would be awesome. Props to the creators though, I love it. I'll have to agree with MrJUNIOR on this one, TOO superb for a free game, the creators should be doing DLC, or christmas skins..?


I am quite intrigued by this game! It is a wonderful piece of art and at that, one of the most extraordinary games I've played this year, although I have but one remark! In my honest opinion, this game is great but.. There needs to be more fanservice! You know.. the babang.. the boom! and the pow! I've worked so hard for these cute cuddly creatures and yet I don't, get to fuck them!? Sorry, I got a bit too heated. Anyways, this game is superb and I am stoked to see any future games produced by you folks.

Yours truly,


i agree